Fast Forward/Rewind #66 – 10/21-10/28

My fellow Toastmasters –
Jenna opened the meeting before turning it over to yours truly.  Dave challenged the group with “ombre” for the Word of the Day, and the group met the challenge using it multiple times.  Mike did a pocket speech, “Happiness,” and Phil S spoke from the Persuasive Speaking Manual, with “Always Better Care,” where he tried to “sell” his company in a cold call during a roleplay.  Phil M led Table Topics, very creatively using the National Enquirer, as the source of topics.  Zach and Jenna both did very effective evaluations today.
The roles for 10/28 are:
Toastmaster           Jenna
Speaker 1              Zach
Speaker 2              Angela
Table Topics            Mike
Gen Evaluator         Open
Evaluator 1             Steve
Evaluator 2             Phil S
Timer                     Phil M