Fast Forward/Rewind #69 11/11-11/18

My fellow Toastmasters –
A good meeting this morning; it is nice to drive in the light.  Jenna opened the meeting before turning it over to Mike, the Toastmaster for the day.  His Word of the Day was “bailiwick”.  Jenna did a speech, “Care Optimized” where she presented a new concept to us, “medical practitioners” for her speech.  Phil M spoke from the CC Manual in, “Marketing Yourself to Business”, a very timely speech.  Phil S led Table Topics, with very deep quotes found on iced tea bottle caps; they all required serious consideration and thinking prior to responding.  Zach led his team of evaluators, Dave and Angela, and Steve was the timer.
The roles for 11/18 are:
Toastmaster           Angela
Speaker 1              Zach
Speaker 2              Phil S
Table Topics            Mike
Gen Evaluator         Angela
Evaluator 1             Jenna
Evaluator 2             Steve
Timer                     Dave