Fast Forward/Rewind #71 – 12/2-12/9

My fellow Toastmasters –
It was great to see the group after Thanksgiving, as well as have a guest today. Jenna opened the meeting before turning it over to Alvin, the Toastmaster for the day.  The “word of the day” was “generosity” which of which he sprinkled various quotes.  The speakers were Steve who spoke of “Genesis”, not the Sega game, and Jenna whose “Seen and Heard” recounted a Toastmasters’ speaking competition.  Angela led Table Topics with proverbs from around the world.  Dave was the General Evaluator with Phil S providing an evaluation and Zach doing the Timing.
Please remember that the 12/16 meeting will be a breakfast and Table Topics meeting prior to our Christmas break.
The roles for 12/9 are:
Toastmaster           Dave
Speaker 1              Mike
Speaker 2              Jenna
Table Topics            Zach
Gen Evaluator         Phil M
Evaluator 1             Phil S
Evaluator 2             Alvin
Timer                     Karen