Fast Forward/Rewind #73 – 12/16-1/6

My fellow Toastmasters –
We had a fun, light meeting on Friday with current members accompanied by past members and about to be members.  Jenna opened the meeting and turned it over to Zach who led Table Topics, along with Alvin.  More interesting, and captivating was the hot cocoa bar that everyone enjoyed; I don’t thing there was an identical drink.
On a down note, this was the last meeting for Zach, who, deservedly, will travel prior to beginning med school in a few months.  Let us know what school you ultimately choose, and stop by if you are in town.  With him transitioning out, Dave will take over as VP Education.  New members – please let Dave know how often you want to speak as he will layer in the new members into the schedule.
With that, we are on a two week break and will return on 1/6.  Just a thought though – some of the best speech topics come from family gatherings around the holidays.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
The roles for 1/6 are:
Toastmaster           Jenna
Speaker 1              Phil M
Speaker 2              Alvin
Table Topics            Mike
Gen Evaluator         Steve
Evaluator 1            Phil S
Evaluator 2            Angela
Timer                    Dave