Rewind / Fast-Forward #20 (Nov. 20 – Dec. 4)

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members and guests!

Rewind from November 20

This meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in the North Tower (Room NT102A) and started at 7:00 AM with 11 members and 1 guest present (welcome back, Phil!).

President Summer Murphy opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. She then reminded everyone about the Special Toastmasters End of Year Meeting, where she proposed that the club spend a modest amount of money to cater a continental breakfast. With a quorum present and a unanimous vote affirming the decision, the club leadership team will move ahead and plan accordingly. Next, she handed it over to Phil Stringer to lead us as Toastmaster for the morning. In the spirit of thankfulness (that comes so easy for our seasoned Toastmaster), he openly invited everyone to embrace the joy of the season and effusively welcome in the people and traditions we each hold dear.

The first speaker, Jenna Willingham, completed project #6 in the Competent Communicator manual, titled ‘The Son of Promise.’ Struck by recent events, she explained the theological sources of tension that belie the strife in the Middle East by sharing two sides to a very old story. This contemplative topic weighed heavily on audience members and illumined a complex struggle in society today. The second speaker, Esther Khoury, went completely off-the-cuff in her pocket speech, titled ‘Passport Pandemonium.’ Her sitcom-like tale of experience in foreign affairs gave us all little traveling wisdom at her expense.


Lisa Zimmerschied led the club in a Table Topics themed around thankfulness, gifting, and traditions. The club enjoyed 6 rounds of table topics before moving into evaluations. Thanks to Tim Murphy and Dave Burr for serving as evaluators, to Will Koppenhaver for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Summer Murphy for serving as Timer/Grammarian.


Fast-Forward to December 4

Please see the slated roles below


Toastmaster Esther Khoury Confirmed
Speaker 1 Will Koppenhaver Confirmed
Speaker 2 Dave Burr *Unconfirmed*
Table Topics Summer Murphy *Unconfirmed*
General Evaluator Jenna Willingham Confirmed
Evaluator 1 Lolita Henley *Unconfirmed*
Evaluator 2 Open Open
Timer/Grammarian Lisa Zimmerschied *Unconfirmed*