Rewind / Fast Forward #38 April 22 / April 29

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members and guests!

Rewind from April 22

This meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in the North Tower (room NT102A) with 9 members present, and one guest (Welcome Darren!).

President Summer Murphy opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance before turning the meeting over to Angela Marsh to lead as Toastmaster for the morning. With a theme of “Happiness” Angela shared some thoughts on employing the philosophy of YOLO (Acronym of the Day) throughout the meeting.

Zach Sullivan was the first speaker of the day, completing his Ice Breaker from the competent communicator manual.  Zach’s speech, “Around the World to Greensboro” included highlights from his childhood in Asheboro, to undergraduate education at NC State, to his Navy career which included a tour in Oahu, Hawaii, and travels to 25 other countries.  Zach also included what brought him to Toastmasters and his goals for being a member.  We all look forward to hearing more from Zach. The second and third speakers, Tim Murphy and Dave Burr, both provided pocket speeches.  Tim spoke about the instances of androgynous births (about 1 in 1600) which would represent approximately 6,000 current citizens in North Carolina where the sex of the child is undefined but a sex must be assigned on their birth certificate, and how these people are undermined by the current HB2 legislation.  Dave spoke about his son, and his son’s generation, and varying views about work ethic and career success.  He concluded with his son’s hard work paying off in being promoted to a dream job.  Topicsmaster Steve Stephens led the group in table topics with some thought-provoking questions that tied in well to today’s theme by giving each person in attendance a red nose to wear while providing their answer. A special thanks to Mike Stipanov for evaluating the meeting in general, to Walt Abele for serving as Timer/Grammarian, and to speaker evaluators Rita Sturdivant and Summer Murphy.

 Fast-Forward to April 29

Please see the slated roles below:

Toastmaster – Walt
Speaker 1 – Angela
Speaker 2 – Pam
Speaker 3 – <Open>
Table Topics – Bryan (unconfirmed)
General Evaluator – Tim M
Evaluator 1 – Steve
Evaluator 2 – Rita
Evaluator 3 – <Open>
Time/Grammarian – <Open>
Please contact Toastmaster Walt Abele to confirm your speaking role. Likewise, please contact Tim Murphy to confirm your evaluation role.

Thank you all, and until Friday please be HAPPY and careful,

Tim Murphy
VP of  Membership – Sunrise Toastmasters