Rewind / Fast-Forward #46 (June 10-17)

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members and guests!

Special Announcement: Club Leadership Elections take place this Friday, June 17. Come vote to show your support for our club’s next leadership team!

Rewind from June 13

This meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in the North Tower (Room NT102A) at 7:00am with 8 members and one guest present. President Summer Murphy opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and quickly turned it over to Phil Monroe to lead (for the very first time!) as Toastmaster for the morning. Phil chose the theme of ‘motivation’ for today’s meeting, challenging us to find and use those motivating factors in our lives. The Word of the Day was panache.

The first speaker for the day was Mike Stipanov, who completed his fourth project in the Advanced Communication manual, titled: ‘A Tragic Year To Remember.’ In this particular speech, Mike bravely gave an emotional account of events in his life during the fall of 2001. It seemed as though bad things came in threes for the speaker. In an artful way, Mike connected these difficult life events to some key lessons learned that he will hold on to when future storms come his way. The second speaker, Summer Murphy, completed her second project in the Technical Communications manual, titled: ‘Eliciting Greatness: A Leadership Proposal.’ All Toastmasters are leaders in their own rites, which Summer drew upon in a call-to-action for Club Leadership. With personal testimony and observations from fellow Sunrise Toastmasters, she showed us how strongly she believes in investing in club success as an extension of one’s own success. Thank you to both speakers for an exceptional job!

Topicsmaster Steve Stephens led the group in themed Table Topics series that fit well with the Toastmasters’ motivation theme. A special thanks to Joe Stack and Zach Sullivan for evaluating the speeches, to Tim Murphy for serving as Timer/Grammarian, and to Dave Burr for evaluating the meeting in general.

 Fast-Forward to June 17

Please see below for slated roles:

Toastmaster Tim Murphy  
Speaker 1 Zach Sullivan  
Speaker 2 Angela Marsh
Speaker 3 Dave Burr  
Table Topics Summer Murphy  
General Evaluator Joe Stack
Evaluator 1 Bryan Alston  
Evaluator 2 Open
Evaluator 3 Jenna Willingham  
Timer + Grammarian Open