Rewind / Fast-Forward #5 [July 31 – August 7]

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters and Guests!


Rewind from July 31

The meeting was held from 7:00AM – 7:56 AM at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A with 12 members and one guest present.

President Summer Murphy opened the meeting and quickly transitioning to Toastmaster Lolita Henley. Lolita introduced a fun, reminiscent theme of ‘Childhood Memories to the meeting, naming “persistent” as the Word of the Day. The first speaker, Walt Abele, delivered his second speech titled ‘Playing in the Dirt’. He explained his fascination with home composting: an easy way to enrich the North Carolina clay and repurpose discarded home goods. The audience enjoyed his educational, humorous tone! The second speaker, Cinthia Torres-Fitzgerald delivered her third speech, titled ‘Three Reasons Not to Meditate’. As she cautioned the restless, stress-loving person against meditation, it’s very possible that she Jedi mind-tricked us to consider its value to the everyday busybody.


Jenna Willingham led the club in an engaging (and spontaneous!) round of table topics and asked participants to share some of their personal childhood memories. The members had fun with seven rounds of table topics before moving into evaluations.


Thanks to Summer Murphy and Dave Burr for evaluating the speeches, to Robert Hickling for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Esther Khoury for serving as Timer/Grammarian.



Fast-Forward to August 7


The schedule has changed quite a bit from the originally-slated roles! Please see below:


Toastmaster Dave Burr
Speaker 1 Dustin Johnson
Speaker 2 Robert Hickling
Table Topics Steve Stephens
General Evaluator Mike Stipanov
Evaluator 1 Tim Murphy
Evaluator 2 Esther Khoury
Timer/Grammarian Jenna Willingham