Starting on July 13 and continuing through the end of 2018, we will meet in Room 43 on the opposite side of the hospital from the room where we’ve been meeting. The new room is in the AHEC area of the hospital, and you can get to it either by coming in the main entrance or through the AHEC entrance, which is the rounded entrance on the parking garage side of the building.

If you come in through the AHEC entrance, you can follow the purple arrow in this map to the room (note that the room goes by a couple of different room numbers and this map does not reflect “Room 43,” but it’s the same room):

If you come in through the main hospital entrance, you’ll go straight ahead, then take a right to get to the elevators. Take the elevator to the Ground Floor, then keep heading toward that end of the hospital, past the cafeteria and Heart Center, into the AHEC area (follow the dotted red line in the map above, or the neon green arrows in the maps below):

Be sure to allow a little extra time to find your way!

See you at 7 am!