Sunrise Toastmasters 7-25-2014 Rewind & Fast-Forward 8-1-2014

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters members,
Below is a quick rewind of our meeting held on Friday July 25, 2014. The meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, meeting room 0043 and started at 7:00 a.m.

We had a total of 11 members present at our meting.

Vice president of Education Summer Murphy introduced Tim Murphy as the Toastmaster for the meeting. Tim talked about “blog” which was his word of the day and his theme for the meeting. He gave a good example of our club website being a blog and encouraged us to take a look at the website, to stay up to date with all information about the club.

The first speaker was Robert Hickling whose speech was titled “Medicaid Expansion in NC” from Competent Communicator manual. The speech covered quite a number of facts about medicaid expansion/reform and gave some insights into the costs associated with this program in the long run.

The second speaker was Alvin Powell whose speech was titled “Peerenting 101”. He talked about the various generations and focused on the millennium generation’s ‘me me me’ attitude. He gave us tips on going back to the basics like spending time with our children, being available but also putting limits to help them grow with a sense of the real world.

Griselda Flores was table topics master, and her theme was “listen to your heart but use logic”. Answers covered topics ranging from first love to coming back from rejection/failure to quotes to live by.

Thank you to Dave and Summer for serving in evaluator roles and to Mike for doing the Timer/Grammarian’s report.

Below is the summary of our upcoming meeting on Friday Aug 1,2014. Please contact Toastmaster Ying Na ( if you are on the agenda.

Toastmaster              Ying Na

Speaker 1                 Griselda Flores

Speaker 2                 Phil Stringer

Table Topics              Esther Khoury

Evaluator                  Joe Stack

Evaluator                  Alvin Powell

Grammarian/Timer   Steve Stephens

Respectfully Submitted by

Joe Stack