Sunrise Toastmasters 8-15-2014 Rewind & Fast-Forward 8-22-2014

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters members,
My apologies for getting out the meeting recap late. This weeks FF/Rewind will be brief because over the weekend while kayaking, my phone took a swim along with all of the notes from the meeting. So here goes..

Below is a quick rewind of our meeting held on Friday Aug 15, 2014. The meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, meeting room 0043 and started at 7:00 a.m.

We had a total of 10 members present at our meeting.

President  Angela Ligon gave everyone  a chance to introduce themselves and use a word that describes their week. Angela handed over the meeting to Toastmaster of the day Phil Stringer. He walked us through the meeting agenda and spoke about his word of the day ‘Indomitable’ which fit right in with one of our speakers speeches.

Our first speaker was Esther Khoury. The title of her speech was ‘Clap your hands’ from Entertain manual speech #5. Her speech was very engaging and had us clapping our hands and stomping our feet.
I was the second speaker. My speech was titled Bad to Good & maybe great from the Communication Manual speech #7 and this finished up my first manual. I spoke about the company I work for ‘Spectrum Brands” and how we have gone from a bankrupt company in 2008 and how thing have improved substantially through the appointment of a new CEO along with his vision.
For Table Topics, Dave used the Windham championship to set up questions. He gave us words that were related to golf many years ago but are no longer associated with the game and asked us to use our creativity to guess what they meant.

Thanks to Dramaine and Summer for serving a Speaker evaluators and again to Summer for serving a General evaluator. Thanks to Divya Bhagat  for serving as Timer/Grammarian, her first time doing so.

At the last officers meeting there was discussion to move to a different meeting room due to construction disturbances and also visitors not being able to find the room. Tim reported that the club would be allowed to move to the North Tower where the main entrance is located and would be able to have a sign at the entrance directing attendees to this new location. Members have feedback or questions/concerns on this possible move, please communicate with one of the club officers. The plan is to vote on this change at the next meeting.

Below is the summary of our upcoming meeting on Friday Aug 22,2014. Please contact Toastmaster Robert Hickling  if you are on the agenda.

Toastmaster              Robert Hickling
Speaker 1                 Steve Stevens
Speaker 2                 Ying Na
Table Topics             Tim Murphy
Gen.Evaluator          Dave Burr
Speaker Evaluator    Phil Stringer
Speaker Evaluator   Alvin Powell
Grammarian/Timer   Angela Ligon

Respectfully Submitted by
Joe Stack