Sunrise Toastmasters – Rewind 3/20/2015 & Fast-Forward to 3/27/2015

Sunrise Toastmaster President, Angela Ligon, opened the meeting held on March 20th  at 7:00am.

The club celebrated with Lolita Henley and Dave Burr on their recent first-place victories at the Area 53 Toastmasters Tournament. On Monday night (3/16), Dave won with his pocket speech, “Binky’s Old-Fashioned Decorum”, bringing vivid imagery, humor, and nostalgia to a few of his more memorable encounters. Lolita, on the other hand, won over the judges with a powerful account of how she would spend $50,000 to improve her community. Their next competitive event is April 9th; more information for anyone wishing to support is to follow. In speaking of the event, Divya acknowledged Lolita’s huge heart and her real-life contribution to the community by helping brave domestic violence victims in their struggle for independence. (Read the story here.)

Impromptu-Toastmaster Angela chose to recycle a theme and word of the day (topsy-turvy) because it aptly describes the way she intended to facilitate the day. Once all roles were clarified, she led the club in an interactive exercise by inviting each participant to reply using a letter that she picked to begin his/her statement. Shortly after, she explained she had a 7:30 commitment and immediately transitioned into a Table Topics session. Given that this Sunday (3/22) is ‘National Goof-Off Day’, Table Topics participants were asked to comment on how they plan to spend the holiday, as well as how they might if money were no object.

The first speaker, Lolita Henley, delivered a pocket speech entitled, “Twisted Justice.” As part of her presentation, she spun an interpretive tale of what can happen when malevolent intentions come full circle. Spoiler Alert: CHOMP! At the close of her speech, she revealed that this story was, in fact, a true one! (You can read here for more details.)

The second speaker, Esther Khoury, interpreted a flight of poem selections from Poet Laureate Billy Collins that she titled, “Animals.” Each selection glimpsed the poet’s fresh perspective on commonplace animal activities, from the grazing cow and the barking dog to the backstory of those fictional Three Blind Mice.

Once Angela left to honor her commitment, Dramaine Freeman picked up the Toastmaster role; shortly thereafter, he closed out the day’s meeting with a few minutes to spare.

Thank you to Ying Na, Robert Hickling, and Dave Burr for serving as evaluators.  Thank you to Divya Bhagat for serving as Timer. Thank you also for all attendees!

3/20 Meeting Notes Respectfully Submitted by Jenna Willingham.

We have a great meeting scheduled for Friday, March 27, 2015.

Toastmaster                    Steve
Speaker 1                        Lolita
Speaker 2                        Brett
Table Topics                   Joe
Gen Evaluator                 Richard
Speaker Evaluator 1       Jenna
Speaker Evaluator 2       Dramaine
Grammarian/Timer         Angela

Come and enjoy the meeting.  Guests are always welcome!