Fast Forward/Rewind 1/29/21

Our meeting today, lead by Bettina Ross as Toastmaster, had a theme and Word-Of-The-Day of farsightedness which is the ability to anticipate and plan for the future. Guests are always welcome to visit our meetings to see how Sunrise Toastmasters fits into your plans for your future.

The first speaker, Marlit Hayslett, gave her Ice Breaker guided by the Leadership Development pathway titled, “Moments of Enlightenment”. She spoke of key moments in her life that guided her to her current work as a communications professional. Marlit’s turn of phrase and use of visual imagery was so introspective that for the days following I have been mentally reflecting on her concept of “achieving the level of natural”. The second speaker, Dustin Johnson, gave his 9th speech from the legacy Competent Communicators manual, aptly titled, “The 9th Speech”. His task was to persuade the audience with the primary purpose of influencing their thinking and/or behaviors. He utilized an effective three step process of inspiring, convincing, and giving a call to action. Table Topics were supplied by Anu Parvathaneni with the positive theme of good things that happened in 2020, encouraging members to review the past year and share positive experiences and events. As you may have expected, our Sunrise Toastmasters club was referenced in many responses. The evaluations were lead by Norris Bass, and his team of Summer, Amelya, Kelsey, and Karen.

Please join us this Friday, February 5th, at 7am where Norris Bass will be our Toastmaster in a quest for perfection!