Fast Forward/Rewind 2/5/21

Perfection is all about perception. This was our word of the day and the theme Norris Bass, the Toastmaster for February 5, carried throughout our meeting. What a perfect day for such a word. One of Sunrise’s newest members, Madison Lowe, went right into her icebreaker speech in the introduction portion of the meeting but Norris and the group went with her flow. Madison showed complete vulnerability as she shared about regaining her breath after a long decade of feeling stuck. We are so happy she is getting started with her new plan and joining our club. The second speaker, Angela Marsh, made us hungry for upside down banana splits as she told us of her first speech in toastmasters, recounting her out of sequence life and how it shouldn’t take away from the sweetness of today. Table Topics, led by Savannah Murphy, took us all into an extraordinary space of sharing stories on death. The group relayed feelings and thoughts on issues from burial to afterlife. What a special feeling to be a part of a group of individuals so willing and committed to such open dialogue. The evaluation team included general evaluator Karen Rhodes along with Anu, Wendi, Dave, and Kelsey. Please join us at our next Sunrise Meeting on February 12, 2021. We look forward to seeing everyone!