Fast Forward/Rewind 9/25/20

Our 09/25/20 meeting was a learning experience. We welcomed back returning guest, MaRhonda, and brand new member, Amelya. Guests are always welcome to check out our meetings and see if Sunrise Toastmasters is a good fit for them. Also in attendance was our Division Director, Ruth Friddle, and returning member Bettina Ross. Our next meeting is on Friday 10/02/20 at 7am. Come join us, we’ll make you feel right at home 🙂

As a first time Toastmaster, Josh lead the meeting with a Jim Henson theme and chose “musical” as the Word of the Day. Our first prepared speaker was Norris, who gave a pathways speech on the use of effective body language. Summer was our second prepared speaker, and gave us all a lesson on being extraordinary by sharing the story of Elizabeth Eckford, who at 15 years old found the courage to be an extraordinary person in extraordinary circumstances in 1958 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Table topics was creatively curated by Dave, who compelled us all to be various “-ologists”. The evaluation team of Ruth, Dustin, and Karen, were lead by Savannah, all giving feedback for growth and improvement to the participants.

The roles for our next meeting on 10/02/20 will be:

Toastmaster – Norris
Speaker 1 – Dave
Speaker 2 – Tim
Table Topics – Dustin
General Evaluator – Summer
Evaluator 1 – Angela
Evaluator 2 – Kelsey
Timer – Karen
Grammarian – Wendi

We’ll see you all on Friday morning!