Fast Forward/Rewind for September 13, 2019

Fast Forward/Rewind for September 13th
We had an amazing meeting! Friday the 13th started off a little challenging with our room being locked. By the time we were able to get in it was 7:00. Our regular side of the room was not set up but the other side had a smaller set up and Karen suggested we use it to save time. It worked!
Bettina was our Toastmaster. The Word of the Day was ‘Do’. It was used several times throughout the meeting.
Our first speaker was Norris with a speech AFL. A remix of a previous speech about Alternative Family Living. This was practice for an upcoming meeting.
Savannah was our second speaker with a speech Sleep and Drink Water. Her speech was amazing because she had to put it together in just a few minutes because of AV problems.
Mike Warren gave us an interesting round of Table topics. With Friday the 13th as the theme we were asked to give our take on Jason vs Freddy Krueger for example. Very interesting answers.
Dave was our General Evaluator. Karen was evaluator for Norris and David was Savannah’s evaluator.
Angela was Timer/Grammarian. Please remember that dues are DUE. Please see Dave and sign up for the year and receive a discount. See you Friday!
Room  43 Near the Credit Union
Toastmaster: David
Speakers: (1) , (2)  Karen   Dave
Table Topics: Norris
Gen. Evaluator: Anu
Evaluators: Bettina   Angela
Timer/Grammarian: Mike W