Fast Forward/Rewind – July 20 meeting

First, a quick recap of the July 20 meeting. Phil was toastmaster, leading the meeting and offering up the word of the day “plaudits.” We were lucky enough to have DTMs as speakers today, both speaking on very practical topics involving leadership development and personal growth. Dave talked about the importance of being an active listener, both within the club and in our everyday life. Alvin instructed us on how to close the sale when new members are visiting. Summer and Tim Murphy were surprise guests, and Summer was kind enough to pinch hit as table topics master. And during table topics we found out that the “cards don’t care.” Savannah led the evaluation team which consisted of David, Norris and myself.

Roles for next week are below. If you have a role and will be unable to attend, as always please let our toastmaster (Mike Stipanov) and me know.

Finally, as a reminder we will continue to meet in room 43 for the foreseeable future.  Enjoy your weekend!

Toastmaster OPEN
Speaker 1 Brian
Speaker 2 David G.
Table Topics Allison
Gen Evaluator OPEN
Speaker Eval 1 Phil
Speaker Eval 2 Dave
Timer/Grammarian Mike Spafford