Fast Forward/Rewind – July 26 meeting

Great meeting today with a full house. Tim was our Toastmaster today and gave us “assist” as the Word of the Day. Summer was our Speaker and gave us a life lesson from tennis: focus, racket back, move! Karen led us in Table Topics with questions about these great United States. David was our General Evaluator, Dave was Speaker Evaluator, and Anu was Timer/Grammarian.

Karen has volunteered to fill the role of President, but that leaves us without an incoming Secretary. If you would like to fill that role, please let Karen know.

Roles for next week are as follows:

Toastmaster: Angela
Speaker: Tim
Table Topics: Summer
General Evaluator: Savannah
Speaker Evaluator: Karen
Timer/Grammarian: Norris

If you are unable to fill your role, please let Angela know.

And if you can fill your role, please go to to confirm.