Fast Forward/Rewind – June 7 meeting

Norris was our Toastmaster and gave us the Word of the Day: reciprocity. Savannah was our Speaker and gave us some tools for fighting off the four horsemen of a relationship apocalypse. Dave led us in a really fun and creative round of Table Topics, having us pick a random photo from a magazine, asking us a random question about the random photo, and prompting us to make up stories in response. David was General Evaluator, Mike was Speaker Evaluator, and Karen was Timer/Grammarian.

Roles for next week are listed below.

  • Room: NT102 (through July 12, except for July 5, when we will not meet)
  • Table Topics: Karen
  • Gen. Evaluator: Steve
  • Speaker Evaluator: Norris
  • Timer/Grammarian: Mike