Fast Forward/Rewind – March 1 meeting

We had a small(ish) group today but we had a great time! Dave was our Toastmaster, and Savannah was our one and only Speaker. Dave gave us “healing” as the Word of the Day, and Savannah inspired us all to implement the healing practice of sticking to a 40-hour workweek (as opposed to working 50, 60, 70 or more hours a week!). Karen led two rounds of Table Topics, giving each speaker the choice between a “conversation starter” and the first line of a novel as a prompt. Bettina led our evaluation team, with Angela evaluating Savannah’s speech and Anu serving as Timer/Grammarian.

Next week (March 8), we will meet in North Tower 102, which is the room downstairs from the main entrance, and our roles are listed below. If you are unable to fill your role, please email our Toastmaster for next week (Allison).

Toastmaster: Allison
Speaker 1: Bettina
Speaker 2: Mike
Table Topics: Norris
Gen. Evaluator: Steve
Evaluator 1: Alvin
Evaluator 2: Karen
Timer/Grammarian: Angela

Have a great weekend and week ahead!