Fast Forward/Rewind #59 9/2-9/9

My fellow Toastmasters –
A pre-holiday meeting, and our Toastmaster, Zach, took us on a trip to exploration and adventure as this theme for the day, with “wanderlust” being the word of the day.  Phil S. spoke from the Persuasive Speaking manual in “persuasion”, selling an implement of little monetary value.  Jenna then took on the role of the CEO of Cone Health in “Team Meeting Pep Talk” in the Speeches by Management manual.  Dave led Table Topics challenging the group to find one implement/tool they needed in “survive” in specific locations or situations.  Mike was the General Evaluator, with his team of himself and Phil M. as Evaluators and Dave as the Timer/Grammarian.
Have a safe Labor Day weekend!
The roles for 9/9 are:
Toastmaster           Jenna
Speaker 1              Phil M
Speaker 2              Angela
Table Topics            Mike
Gen Evaluator         Dave
Evaluator 1            Steve
Evaluator 2            Open
Timer                   Zach