Fast Forward/Rewind #57 – 8/26-9/2

My fellow Toastmasters –
National Dog Day – That was the topic for today’s meeting run by the Toastmaster for the day, Jenna, after receiving control of the lectern from Zach.  Jenna gave fun facts about dogs and dog ownership throughout the morning.  The Word of the Day was “humane.”  Dave and Zach did speeches this morning.  Dave explored a topic for a Toastmasters’ Conference presentation in, “Ring, Ring, Ring – Toastmasters and the Telephone.”  Zach taught us how to play cricket in, “Gentleman’s Game – Cricket” that had chairs set up us as wickets and members running “bases” and scoring “runs.”  Steve led Table Topics, asking us to discuss how we personify characteristics of specific breeds of dogs.  Angela led the Evaluators, Phil M. and Steve, and the Timer, Phil.S.
Be thinking about competing in the fall’s speech contests!
The roles for 9/2 are:
Toastmaster           Zach
Speaker 1              Phil S.
Speaker 2              Jenna
Table Topics            Dave
Gen Evaluator         Open
Evaluator 1             Mike
Evaluator 2             Phil M.
Timer                    Angela