Rewind / Fast-Forward #6 [August 7 – 14]

Rewind from August 7

The meeting was held from 7:00AM – 7:57 AM at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A with 10 members and two guests present. (Welcome Janie and Will!) She welcomed everyone to attend the officers club meeting immediately after 8am and encouraged all members to make a habit of completing the speaker feedback forms.

President Summer Murphy opened the meeting and handed it over to Toastmaster Dave Burr. Dave’s theme for the day rode the ‘improvisational’ wave from his Saturday night with the Dramatist’s Playground. Improv takes a group effort, so it’s no wonder Dave chose “collaborate” as the Word of the Day. The first speaker, Dustin Johnson, delivered his second speech titled “Toastmasters Fitness Coach Group”. In his speech, Guru Johnson taught the audience (newly-certified fitness coaches) about the nuances of sales and marketing for any training gig. The audience enjoyed this fun twist on a speech! The second speaker, Robert Hickling delivered an impromptu speech titled “Transitions”. Playing off a topic from last week’s speaker (Cinthia Torres-Fitzgerald), he sarcastically celebrated his abstinence from meditation during a string of stressful and sudden life transitions.


Steve Stephens led the club in an improvisational round of table topics and asked participants to create a story using three random words. The members had fun with six rounds of table topics before moving into evaluations.


Thanks to Tim Murphy and Esther Khoury for evaluating the speeches, to Mike Stipanov for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Jenna Willingham for serving as Timer/Grammarian.



Fast-Forward to August 14


Please see below for the slated roles:


Toastmaster Cinthia Torres-Fitzgerald
Speaker 1 Lolita Henley
Speaker 2 Dramaine Freeman
Table Topics Tim Murphy
General Evaluator Esther Khoury
Evaluator 1 Angela Ligon
Evaluator 2 Mike Stipanov
Timer/Grammarian Phil Stringer