Sunrise Toastmasters 6-23-15 Rewind + Fast-Forward 7-10-15

Rewind from June 23

The meeting was held from 7:00AM – 8:00 AM at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in meeting room NT102A.  We had a total of 16 members and two guests present at our meeting, including Area Governor Ms. Ebony Christian.

President Angela Ligon joyfully opened the meeting for her last time as President and welcomed Steve Stephens as Toastmaster. Using a theme of ‘Favorites’ for the day, he described to us his favorite day: summer solstice (the word of the day was solstice).  Our only speaker for the day was Robert Hickling with a visually-aided speech titled ‘Father’s Days’ from Project #8 in the Competent Communicator manual. To begin, Robert played a 5-minute video that spoke to him as a new father to a child with special needs. Through his speech, he relived the moment when his son, Jack, entered the world and the sea of emotions that followed after meeting Jack for the first time. After his speech, it became clear to all that a special bond exists between these two that will last a lifetime.

Tim Murphy led the club in a lightning round of table topics. Using a link shared earlier in the week by fellow Toastmaster Richard Schmidt, he invited participants to join him in reacting to Jim Carrey’s provocative commencement address at a university in Iowa this May. Two quick rounds of table topics allowed Ms. Christian enough time to usher in a new crop of Sunrise Toastmasters leaders for the coming year. There was much pomp and circumstance as the club thanked the former leaders and welcomed the new ones. Here’s the breakdown of ‘Who’s Who’:


Role Currently: Formerly:
President Summer Murphy Angela Ligon
VP Education Esther Khoury Summer Murphy
VP Membership Tim Murphy Phil Stringer
VP Public Relations Lolita Henley Tim Murphy
Secretary Jenna Willingham Joe Stack
Treasurer Steve Stephens Steve Stephens
Sergeant at Arms Dustin Johnson Dave Burr


And finally, thanks to Dave Burr for evaluating the speech, to Dramaine Freeman for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Jenna Willingham for serving as Timer/Grammarian.




Fast-Forward to July 10.  Below are the scheduled roles for 7/10:

Toastmaster Dustin Johnson Confirmed
Speaker 1 Cinthia Torres *Unconfirmed
Speaker 2 Summer Murphy Confirmed
Table Topics Walt Abele *Unconfirmed
General Evaluator Dave Burr Confirmed
Evaluator 1 Jenna Willingham Confirmed
Evaluator 2 Angela Ligon Confirmed
Timer/Grammarian Tim Murphy Confirmed


Please contact Toastmaster Dustin Johnson if you have a speaking role. Likewise, please contact Dave Burr  if you have an evaluation role.


Thanks, all! Have a happy 4th and hug a veteran!


Jenna Willingham