Fast Forward/Rewind 11/06/20

Our meeting theme today was sports metaphors about making assists and helping other meet their goals. As always, guests were welcomed. We had a first time guest from Long Island, Tanuja Reddy, a returning guest from Minnesota, Helen Grothe, and also a returning guest, MaRhonda Jones, from right here in Greensboro.

Our club president, Tim, was our Toastmaster. While he meant to make as many assists (word-of-the-day) as possible, he made a few turn-overs; and not the fresh tasty pastry treat turn-overs as suggested by members. Our first speech, Inspiration from a Sports Hero: The Most Inadvertently On-Theme Speech Ever by Kelsey Long, nailed the meeting theme in her second speech honoring her father’s birthday by reviewing one his favorite books, “Winning Every Day” by coach Lou Holtz. Our second speech, Control What You Can Control by Dustin Johnson, shared a glimpse into one of his Physical Education online classes, with the help of his 4 year old son. Table Topics were provided by Summer and fit right into the meeting theme, asking people to share experiences around giving or receiving assistance. Karen lead the evaluation team of Savannah, Norris, Dave, and Bettina. Roles for our next meeting on Friday 11/6/22 can be found on our website speaker schedule page. Karen will be our Toastmaster.

See you all next week!