Fast forward/Rewind 02/12/2021

Our Sunrise Toastmasters meeting on February 12, 2021, led by Toastmaster Karen Rhodes, certainly marked the beginning of a new Epoch for some of our newest members. Karen guided us in a brief round of introductions where we shared what decade we would most like to visit as we had a guest joining us from San Diego. The fun was continued as member Amelya Black entertained her audience with an illuminating research presentation on space exploration. Norris Bass, our second speaker, shared a special eulogy speech he gave at his brothers funeral. It is truly an exceptional occurrence that the Sunrise club provides such a safe and intimate setting for the members. To bring back toastmaster Karens word of the day, epoch, Marlit Hayslett hosted Table Topics for the first time, starting the beginning of a new stage of toastmasters for her. And what a Table Topics it was!! From Elvis to a preacher to a time traveler, Marlit called on members to tell stories using characters and settings she created and the stories told were out of this world hilarious! The evaluation team included general evaluator Anu Parvathaneni, Kelsey Long, first timer Madison Lowe, Wendi Gedzun as Timer, and Savannah Murphy as Grammarian. Madison excelled in her first time evaluator role at Sunrise, setting the stage for more new beginnings as she continues to grow and shine as Sunrises newest member. At the end of the meeting, Karen recognized members Amelya and Norris moving up levels on their Toastmasters Pathway demonstrating the strong support we all provide for one another. The meeting was well organized, fun, and, as always, proved to be a great place for learning to be phenomenal leaders. All guests are welcome! Join us at our next meeting on February 19, 2021. .