Fast Forward/Rewind 3-26-21

President of Sunrise Toastmasters club, Tim Murphy, opened the meeting on March 26 with a minute of silence focusing on the Black Lives Movement and all of the people fighting for systemic equality and peace. The Toastmaster for the day, Amelya Black, called the group to think about the word of the day, transition, as a way to be more mindful during life’s most challenging moments as well as in the day to day. The first speaker of the morning, Summer Murphy, presented on a very important subject, gender identities. She provided facts on being transgender and stated the high pressures we place on one another about being a certain way. Specifically, Summer brought into the light the hardships young people face on this issue. The next speaker, Karen Rhodes, gave her toastmaster leadership speech comparing roles played by the great actor Tom Hanks. From a Democratic Woody in Toy Story to an Altruistic Forest Gump, Karen took the group through a fun descriptive journey of the different leadership styles. Table Topics was hosted by Dustin Johnson. Dustin used quotes from American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar to inspire participants to share thoughts centered around determination, attitude, and success. Bettina Ross was general evaluator for the meeting. Assisting Bettina were speaker evaluators Dave Burr and Kelsey Long, the timer was Savannah Murphy, and checking our grammar was Marlit Hayslett. Please join us at our next Sunrise Toastmaster meeting on April 2, 2021 via Zoom. We welcome all guests!