Fast Forward/Rewind 4/9/21

We had another inspired meeting on Friday, with tenacious as the theme and word of the day. Our next meeting is on April 16, and guests are welcome to join in the fun. We’ll be sure to make you feel right at home.

Our Toastmaster, Kelsey Long, set the tone for the meeting with tenacity. Our first speaker, Karen Rhodes, presented the second project in Level 2 of the Visionary Communication pathway, about understanding your communication style. Karen told us how the various communication styles – including her own – shape the Rhodes family week at the beach in her speech apply titled, “The Rhodes Family Beach Week: A Case Study in Communication Styles“. Our second speaker, Tim Murphy, presented his speech, “Digital Natives Know the Effects of Their Online Identities” For a book he is writing, Tim Murphy has interviewed 30 digital natives (people that have never known a world without the internet). These interviews have resulted in a plethora insightful views, some of which he shared in his speech. This speech was the Research and Presentation project from the Presentation Mastery pathway. Table Topics were hosted by Summer Murphy with a theme of “What about you?” where the question started with “what” and the answers were “about” each person’s individual experiences. Dustin Johnson served as General Evaluator for his team of Norris, Marlit, Dave and Anu. Join us next week for another great meeting, with Dustin Johnson serving as Toastmaster. We’ll see you there.