Fast Forward/Rewind – 6/1/2018 Meeting

This week’s meeting was well attended, including by our newest member, Mike Spafford. Mike visited for the first time not too long ago and has now officially joined the club. Welcome, Mike!

Our other Mike served as Toastmaster today and cajoled us all into thinking about summer music performances around town, although it’s doubtful we actually needed cajoling. (“Cajole” was the Word of the Day, and you can find the definition posted to the club’s Facebook page,, and Twitter account,, along with a question you may want to comment on and share!)

Our two speakers today were Dave with “For the Drama In Your Life,” a speech about mentoring, and David with “It’s Time to Pay,” on the topic of pay for collegiate athletes. Both speeches were Pathways projects.

Phil led our Table Topics, reprising his “bag of tricks,” which was filled with a new set of mystery objects, including a singing bowl, an old bottle fragment, a “travel-size singing bowl” (in reality, a “hair stacker,” a term that probably leaves you even more confused than its made-up name did), and an “adventure turtle compass.” One could say you can’t make this stuff up, but that’s exactly what several people did!

Our evaluation team today consisted of Savannah as General Evaluator, Summer and Norris as our Speaker Evaluators, and Karen as Timer/Grammarian.

For next week, roles are as follows:

Toastmaster Savannah
Speaker 1 Brian
Speaker 2 Alvin
Table Topics Steve
Gen Evaluator Karen
Speaker Eval 1 Phil
Speaker Eval 2 Dave
Timer/Grammarian Mike

Please let the group know if you have a role and won’t be able to attend.  Have a great weekend and see you next Friday!