Fast Forward/Rewind for November 8, 2019

Fast Forward/Rewind for November 8, 2019

We had a great meeting. Angela was our Toastmaster giving us Purpose as Word of the Day. Norris was our first speaker with a speech titled Are You Prepared? His speech was about  dealing with what happens when a loved one has to have skilled nursing after a stroke. Matt pinched hit with a great pocket speech about George C Marshall. Karen led us with Table Topics from our box of topics, very interesting! Mike was General Evaluator with Anu evaluating me and Angela pulling double duty evaluating Matt. Anita was our Timer/Grammarian. Mike Dye returned to visit us again. See you all Friday!

Next Week’s Roles  11/15/19 Room NT102

Toastmaster: Dave

Speakers: (1) Matt (2) Alvin

Table Topics: Matt

General Evaluator: David

Evaluators: (1) Savannah (2) Norris

Timer/Grammarian: Mike W

Please confirm your roles with Dave. Thanks