Fast Forward/Rewind for October 18th

Fast Forward/Rewind for October 18th

Another very good meeting! Savannah gaveled us in a couple of minutes past the hour and introduced our Toastmaster for the day, Angela. Our Word of the Day was Unexpected. Mike W. was our first speaker giving us a practice presentation for his company. Norris gave the second speech titled ‘What are You Afraid of?’ In the middle of my speech the Unexpected happened, a fire alarm. Savannah gave us a great round of Table Topics around Dr. Who. General Evaluator was David. Alvin evaluated Mike while Savannah pulling double duty evaluated Norris. Our Timer/Grammarian was Anita. Look forward to seeing you Friday!

Next Week’s Roles

Room: NT 102

Toastmaster: David

Speakers: (1) Savannah  (2) Dave

Table Topics: Matt

Gen. Evaluator: Mike W.

Evaluators: (1) Bettina  (2) Alvin

Timer/Grammarian: Karen