Fast Forward/Rewind – Oct. 19 meeting

We had a strong core group in attendance today, with great participation and a fun meeting. Brian was Toastmaster and offered up the word of the day “recreational” with inspiration coming from recent news stories about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada and the booming RV (recreational vehicle) business. Both Phil and Savannah bravely volunteered to give pocket speeches. Phil ran with the idea of recreation and how his favorite pastimes involve industry and hard work, like woodworking and fly fishing, with the hard work being what makes those activities enjoyable and satisfying. Meanwhile, Savannah put a very interesting and inspiring spin on the Greek myth of Sisyphus, reminding the group that Sisyphus’s (try saying that three times fast) newfound appreciation for the splendor and light in life was the reason that he was willing to be eternally cursed to roll the boulder up the hill. Bettina crushed it as a first-time Table Topics Master, including challenging Mike to answer how he would respond to a roid-raging bee. And finally, Mike led a strong team of evaluators including Angela, Karen and Norris.

Roles for next week are below. If you have a role and will be unable to attend, please let next week’s Toastmaster (Phil) know.

Toastmaster Phil
Speaker 1 Savannah
Speaker 2 Allison
Table Topics Anu
Gen Evaluator Brian
Speaker Eval 1 Alvin
Speaker Eval 2 Angela
Timer/Grammarian David