Fast Forward/Rewind #55 – 8/12-8/19

My fellow Toastmasters –
While the Olympics are taking place in Brazil, it was appropriate that our Toastmaster, Mike, made that his theme for the day.  After Jenna turned the meeting over to him, he also introduced the Word of the Day, “arduous”.  Our first Speaker was Phil S, who discussed the history of beekeeping in, “History with Bees”, a speech that he would use as an introduction to a conference.  As he spoke from an Advance Manual, so too did Jenna, who did, “State of the Club Address”, replete with a Q&A session at the end of the speech.  Keeping with the Olympics theme, Phil M led Table Topics having the respondents become “coaches” and give talks to their teams.  Zach was General Evaluator leading a team of Angela and Steve as Evaluators and Dave as Timer.
5 Officers attended last Saturday’s Division TLI – Yeah, credit for one distinguished club point.
Also, with heavy hearts, with bid Aloha to Tim and Summer as they move to Hawaii for half of the year.  They took a few minutes to address the club.  They ar not just Toastmasters, but Friends.  It’s not good-bye, but so long.
The roles for 8/19 are:
Toastmaster           Phil M
Speaker 1              Angela
Speaker 2              Mike
Table Topics            Phil S
Gen Evaluator         Jenna
Evaluator 1            Dave
Evaluator 2            Zach
Timer                   Steve
Dave Burr, DTM
Secretary, Club 4262
Toastmasters International
Where Leaders are Made