Fast Forward/Rewind #56 – 8/19-8/26

My fellow Toastmasters –
Another Friday morning with a very different twist with two Advanced Communicator Manuals that dovetailed very nicely together.  Jenna opened the meeting before turning it over to Phil M., our Toastmaster.  His theme was “Leadership and the Word of the Day was “algorithim” which was used in a couple of interesting ways.  Angela’s speech was a “Keynote Introduction” from the Specialty Speeches manual, and she used it to introduce the second speaker, Mike, whose speech was, “Now in the Golden Years and Lamenting the Old Days” from the Entertaining Speaker manual.  Phil S. led Table Topics with the theme of “the World’s Inventions.”  Jenna served as the General Evaluator, reminding us all that duties are found in the CC Manual.  Her team was Dave and Zach as evaluators, and Steve as Timer.
We were honored to have Dana Baldwin visit as our Area Governor, who easily found the meeting due to the thorough directions that Zach added to the website.  Dana did remind us that we need to have our banner.
The roles for 7/29 are:
Toastmaster           Jenna
Speaker 1              Zach
Speaker 2              Dave
Table Topics            Sal
Gen Evaluator         Angela
Evaluator 1            Steve
Evaluator 2            Phil M
Timer                    Phil S