Fast/Forward Rewind for 1/24/2020

Fast/Forward Rewind for 1/24/2020

Hello everyone! I used to be amazed with our meetings being so in sync that someone visiting would say that we got together beforehand and coordinated what is going to be in our meeting. Such is not the case. Now I realize that our group is very close and this is how it is. I was Toastmaster with the Word of the Day being ‘Leader’. Toastmasters not only helps us with speaking but develops leaders. I asked the group if they knew that George Washington was a reluctant leader. After the war George just wanted to  go home to his beloved wife and children. We know the rest of the story. Mike W was our first speaker telling us of how he surprised his then girlfriend with a unique way he came up with to propose ‘Surprise’. Savannah evaluated Mike. Our second speaker was Anu with a speech titled ‘My Mentors. Anu shared with us that one of her mentors asked her to take the lead on a project. Anu told us that she in fact was a reluctant leader. It all worked out. Bettina evaluated Anu. I was in charge of Table Topics which was a baggie of fun. Karen was our Timer/Grammarian. Please be with us on Friday because a missed meeting cannot be made up. No do overs. We look forward to seeing you! Here are the roles for next week. If for some reason you cannot fulfil your role please reach out for a replacement.

Room: NT 102

Toastmaster: Savannah

Speakers: (1) Bettina (2) Mike W

Table topics: Karen

Gen. Evaluator: Anu

Evaluators: (1) David (2) Norris

Timer/Grammarian: Jennifer