Fast Forward/Rewind for January 31, 2020

Fast Forward/Rewind for January 31, 2020

Hi Everyone! We had another great meeting today. Savannah was our Toastmaster with ‘Yeet’ as Word of the Day. A new word meaning to hurl with force. We had 10 in attendance and it seems that we can work a more difficult word in better than one that is easy. Go figure! Mike W was our first speaker giving us a speech pertaining to work and how to improve efficiency. Mike’s evaluator was Dave. Bettina was our second speaker with a speech titled ‘Snap Crackle Pop Feels So Good’. I evaluated Bettina. Karen’s Table Topics were thought provoking and entertaining. We do a fantastic job when it comes to Table Topics. Anu was our General Evaluator and Jennifer was Timer/Grammarian. For anyone interested the club contests for Table Topics and International they will be on the Feb. 4th and the 16th at 6:00pm. The area contest will be on the 28th. Also think about helping man a table for our club in April for an Open House. I will remind you as the time approaches. Please make a note to self so we can have a good representation of our club. Here are the roles for next week.

Room: NT102

Toastmaster: Alvin

Speakers: (1) Savannah (2) David

Table Topics: Anu

Gen. Evaluator: Norris

Speaker Evaluators: (1) Bettina (2) Karen

Timer Grammarian: Mike W

If for some reason you cannot fulfil your role please reach out to someone.

See you Friday!