Fast Forward/Rewind for 5/29/2020

Hi All! We had a great meeting with 8 in attendance for most of it. I was Toastmaster with ‘Move’ as the Word of the Day. Mike was our first speaker with a continuation of his speech about the Petty family. With what Richard and his family helped do for the sport of NASCAR is deemed Royalty according to Mike. I will have to agree. Richard won 200 races and 7 championships. He always took time for the fans of the sport by making sure to sign autographs for everyone in line. He gives back to the community he came from, Level Cross N.C., and is probably the most recognizable person in auto racing with his signature black hat and sunglasses. Dave was Mike’s evaluator. Savannah was our second speaker with a speech about ‘How to Save Hyrule’. This is a fictional game world that Savannah asked herself  ‘What skills would I need to save Hyrule?’ 1-horesback riding, 2-archery  3- swordsmanship. Savannah then referenced the book ‘Paradise Built in Hell’ by Rebecca Solnit which deals with the skills needed to rebuild areas that have been hit by disasters. Here are six skills Savannah shared with us; 1- Cooking, because it’s important to eat. 2- Construction, things will need to be rebuilt. 3- Foraging, gathering of necessities for survival. 4- Boating, necessary when flooding is present. 5- Music, in the 1918 earthquake music helped to calm and soothe. 6- Collaboration, getting help and working together to complete a task in midst of a disaster. Savannah did a great job of showing the skills needed to make it through a real life disaster are similar to those needed to win the fictional game of Hyrule. Karen evaluated Savannah. Summer was our Table Topics Master with questions for us based on Home is Where the Heart is and of course Summer told us where we were living. Karen pulled double duty helping with Timer/Grammarian.

Here are next week’s roles:
Toastmaster: Karen

Speakers: (1) Summer (2) Norris

Table Topics: Tim

Gen. Evaluator: Dave

Speaker Evaluators: (1) Savannah (2) Open

Timer/Grammarian: Mike

I hope you all have a great week and see you Friday!