Fast Forward/Rewind for October 11th

We had another fantastic meeting. Anu was Toastmaster giving us Curiosity as Word of the Day. Savannah was our first speaker giving us a different view of maps. Matt was our second speaker with a speech about Big Bellies and Cars. Karen evaluated Savannah and Norris evaluated Matt. Mike Warren gave us Table Topics using doughnut flavors and what they meant to us. Dave was our Timer/Grammarian. We had two visitors, Nathan and Richard. Richard use to come many years ago. Have a great week and see you Friday.

Next Weeks Roles:                                                                                                                                      Room: NT 102                                                                                                                    Toastmaster: Angela                                                                                                            Speakers: (1) Mike W  (2) Norris                                                                                        Table Topics: Savannah                                                                                                      Gen. Evaluator: Matt                                                                                                            Evaluators: (1) Alvin (2) Dave                                                                                              Timer/Grammarian: Anita