Fast Forward/Rewind #70 – 11/18-12/2

My fellow Toastmasters –
Jenna opened the meeting before turning it over to Angela, our Toastmaster.  her word of the day was “ethos”.  Zach was the first Speaker talking about “Mud Run” and Phil S. was the second Speaker with “The Winning Proposal”.  We shared Table Topics with every member writing one, before turning it over to the General Evaluator, Phil M.  He was ably assisted by his team of Evaluators, Jenna and Steve, and the t\Timer was Dave.  Special thanks to Dana, our Area Governor, for attending this morning’s meeting.
As a reminder, we will not meet next Friday, but speaking for Jenna and her leadership team, we do need to “talk turkey”, so that is what we will do instead of meeting
Pres/Jenna – “To pardon or not to pardon”
VPE/Zach – “Challenges of making eye contact when you have a snood”
VPPR/Mike – “Frozen or Fresh – a nation in disagreement”
Sec/Dave – “How to type with only four toes”
Tres/Steve – “Pay up, Turkeys!”
SAA/Phil M – “Where to carve first – the breast, the leg, or the thigh?”
VPM/Dave – “How can I not lisp when my snood is touching my lips”
PastPres/Summer – “Tropical todies for a turkey dinner”
Have have safe Thanksgiving!
The roles for 12/2 are:
Toastmaster           Alvin
Speaker 1              Steve
Speaker 2              Dave
Table Topics            Angela
Gen Evaluator         Jenna
Evaluator 1             Phil S
Evaluator 2             Phil M
Timer                     Zach