Fast Forward/Rewind – March 22 meeting

Hello, everyone. A quick recap of today’s meeting. David was Toastmaster, leading the meeting, and in the spirit of March Madness, provided the word of the day “brouhaha.” Karen’s speech was a story entitled “The Pictures Ava Painted” which had similarities to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Savannah stepped up big time with an interesting pocket speech inspired by the Pledge of Allegiance. Norris was the Table Topics Master, offering a “potpourri” of interesting topics. Savannah doubled-dipped as the General Evaluator, with the remainder of the evaluation team comprised of Mike, Steve and Brian.

As a reminder: Dues are due.

Roles for next week are below. Please let Brian know if you won’t be attending.

Date 3/29/19
Room Room 43
Toastmaster Brian
Speaker 1 Dave
Speaker 2 Savannah
Table Topics Mike
Gen. Evaluator Norris
Evaluator 1 Angela
Evaluator 2 Bettina
Timer/Grammarian Karen