Fast Forward / Rewind – Sept. 21 meeting

Apologies for the late hour of today’s Fast Forward/Rewind! Today was a WHIRLWIND—which, incidentally, was our word of the day!

Thankfully, our meeting this morning was not a whirlwind. David was our Toastmaster today and led us through the agenda at a comfortable pace. Karen was our first speaker and talked about how beauty is transformative and how we should embrace it and cultivate it. Savannah told us the story of Alcibiades, the moral of which was that we should be careful when choosing our leaders and friends. Norris led us in autumn-themed Table Topics, making all of us excited about the chili, leaf-cleanup and cooler temperatures to come. Phil led our evaluation team, with Dave as Speaker Evaluator 1, Mike as Speaker Evaluator 2, and Alvin as Timer/Grammarian.

The roles for next week are as follows:

Toastmaster Dave
Speaker 1 Allison
Speaker 2 Brian
Table Topics Mike
Gen Evaluator Savannah
Speaker Eval 1 Steve
Speaker Eval 2 Alvin
Timer/Grammarian Norris

As always, if you can’t fulfill your role, please let the Toastmaster know as soon as you know.

Have a great weekend and week ahead!