Rewind / Fast-Forward #12 [September 25 – October 2]

Hello Sunrise Toastmasters Members and guests!

Rewind from September 25

This meeting was held at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in the West Auditorium and started at 7:00 AM. We had a total of 7 members and 4 guests present at our meeting. It was unusual (but wonderful!) to have nearly as many guests in attendance as we did members.

Vice President of Education Esther Khoury opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and continued on as Toastmaster for the morning. She dazzled us with a pastiche (Word of the Day) of fun facts, including famous Yogi Berra quotes that apply to present world affairs.

The first speaker, Will Koppenhaver, delighted the audience with his Icebreaker speech. Will’s experiences as a collegiate student-athlete have shaped him into a better, more resilient person in all areas of life. Congratulations, Will, on beginning your Toastmasters journey! The second speaker, Dave Burr, unleashed a pocket speech on the audience. Unscheduled and unrehearsed, he shared a piece of his own Toastmasters journey by introducing us to his younger, unassuming self and the speaking struggles he learned to conquer as a child at camp. At this meeting, it became clear that athletes, campers, and humans alike are all admirable works in progress.

Dustin Johnson led the club in a story-telling series of Table Topics where respondents were asked to respond to a situation and build our responses off each other to create a story. We went four rounds in table topics before moving into evaluations. Thanks to Dave Burr and Lolita Henley for serving as evaluators, to Phil Stringer for evaluating the meeting in general, and to Jenna Willingham for serving as Timer/Grammarian.



Fast-Forward to October 2:

Please see the slated roles below


Toastmaster Steve Stephens
Speaker 1 Walt Abele
Speaker 2 Jenna Willingham
Table Topics Mike Stipanov
General Evaluator Joe Stack
Evaluator 1 Dave Burr
Evaluator 2 Dustin Johnson
Timer/Grammarian Griselda Flores


Member Reminder: Please render your dues to Club Treasurer Steve Stephens.


Thank you all, until Friday-


Jenna Willingham

Club Secretary

Sunrise Toastmasters